E Series & MINIs Options

Option availablity varies on year and model of your vehicle, please contact us for detail.

Basic Options


Close Windows and Roof with Key Fob

Fold Side Mirrors with Key Fob

Key Fob Eject on Engine Stop

Door Unlock on Engine Stop

One Touch Open/Close Sunroof (MINI)

One Touch Open/Close Windows (MINI)

Enable Remote Closing for Tailgate or Trunk w/ Keyfob & in-car Trunk Button

Set Auto Engine START/STOP to Remember Last Setting


Disable ANY Bulb/Adaptive Headlight Warnings

E92 3 Series Coupe LCI Taillight Retrofit Coding

E92 Corner Amber LED Delete

Amber Side Marker Delete

Disable Angel Eyes Dimming When Headlights Are On

Enable Halo only DRL on Halogen Headlights

Front Fog Lights Turn On When Unlocking

Rear Fog Lights Turn On When Unlocking

Low Beam Turns On When Unlocking

Disable Fog Lights Shut Off when High Beam Is On

Double Blink Hazard Light

Instrument Cluster

Disable iDrive Start-up Disclaimer

Gas Station Suggestion Along Route for iDrive (2009+)

Digital Speedometer

True Speed Value on Digital Speedo

Instant MPG (M cars)

Efficient Dynamics (Optimal Fuel Efficiency Gear Display for Manual Cars)

Modify Low Fuel Warning Trigger from 1/8 to 1/4, vice versa

M Style HUD (E70 X5)

Real Time DynamicDrive Torque Distribution Display (X cars)


Retract Windshield Wiper to Resting Position on Engine Stop

Disable Seat Belt Warning Chime (Both Sides, Driver Side Only, Passenger Side Only)

Disable Door Gong (Keyfob in Ignition Warning Sound)

Disable Windows Safety (Enable auto roll-up when door is open)

Disable Headlamp Washer

Disable Auto Dimming Mirrors

Disable Seat Belt Helper on E92 3 Series Coupe (Both Sides, Driver Side Only, Passenger Side Only)

Advanced Options

Additional price with purchase of E Series & MINIs Basic Package

Read/Clear ANY Errors (Including Check Engine Light and Shadow Codes) - $5

DVD Playback while driving for 2009+ iDrive - $10

E60 5 Series AUX Input Retrofit Coding - $10

New OEM Battery Registration - $10

Aftermarket Battery Capacity Programing - $10

GTS Style Brake Force Display on non-M - $15

European M Dynamic Mode (M Cars) - $15

Electronic Damper Control Delete (E9x M3) - $15

Factory Alarm Retrofit Coding - $20

European Variable Light Distribution (AHL2) Activation - $20

Enable M-Track Mode (2003+ E46 M3) - $25

Disable TPMS - $30

N54 Injector Replacement Coding - $30

OEM Alpina B3 Auto Transmission Software - $40

OEM M3 Euro DCT Software - $40

OEM M3 240E DME Engine Software - $50

BMW Road Map North America PREMIUM 2015 Update + FSC Activation Code- Contact Us For Best Pricing

MINI Road Map North America MOVE 2014 Update + FSC Activation Code- Contact Us For Best Pricing

Disclaimer - DVD while driving, seat belt gong delete & TPMS disable are strictly for offroad use only! Please wear your seatbelts while driving and pay attention to the road at all time!

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